Want to learn more? This page contains links to short videos and interesting articles on the We, the Internet topics. No need to prepare in advance, but these resources are here if you are interested. Check back often, as we will be adding new resources regularly!

Session 1: Internet and Me

Session 2: My Data and Privacy

Session 3: The Digital Public Sphere

Session 4: Artificial Intelligence

Session 1: Internet and Me

Welcome Words from Global Partners

What is the Citizens’ Dialogue and why is it important to make citizens’ voices heard? The Dialogue’s global partners weigh in

Internet and Me

What is the Internet? What is the story behind it? People from all over the world share their views.

The Internet of Things: Good, Bad and Ugly

Why do you want to connect to an Internet of Things? What should you do to protect yourself?

The Internet of Things: Good, Bad and Scary

Deeper, very interesting dive on the Internet of Things — the good, the bad and the scary — by a leading expert seeking to civilize it.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of the Internet

The good, the bad, and the downright dangerous aspects of the Internet.

Canadians Deserve a Better Internet

Results of a 2018 survey of Canadians views on the Internet and their online experience. Great reading to stimulate your own thinking!

Session 2: My Data and Privacy

Digital Identity

What is digital identity? How do we protect our identities in the digital space? People from all over the world share their views.

What is a Digital Shadow

Your digital presence is always morphing. This video explains what Digital Shadow is.

Security Planner

Personalized Assistance to Keep Your Data Secure. Check it out!

How Silicon Valley Puts the ‘Con’ in Consent

Fast read! “The average person would have to spend 76 working days to read all of the privacy clauses they agree to in the span of a year.”

Nothing To Hide? The Truth About Data And Digital Privacy

When you agree to “terms and conditions” for a new app or web service, what are you signing away, and why does it matter? Experts discuss.

Session 3: Internet and Public Sphere

Tackling Disinformation

How can we create a safer digital space that benefits everyone? People from all over the world share their views.

Social Networks and Fake News

What do you think a digital space for discussion should look like? People from all over the world share their views.

Who Owns the Internet? And who should control it?

Who owns the Internet? The answer is no one and everyone. The Internet is a network of networks. To function, it needs common rules and norms. But who should set these rules?

Defend Net Neutrality!

Fun and informative. Net Neutrality: what is it and why should we defend it?

We have a problem, but it isn’t technology

Thought-provoking piece on persuasion; what is its acceptable use and by whom? How technology amplifies old arts.

#Digital Cooperation-Act Today for Future Generations

See expert panelists debate at UN General Assembly: how to build a kinder, better internet for future generations?

How YOU Can Fight False Information

Tip Sheet: What you can do to stop the spread of misinformation

Stop the Spread

How YOU can Stop the Spread of Misinformation/COVID

Break the Fake Resources

Step by Step HOW TO verify online sources

Journalists and Influence Operations

How Journalists become an unwitting cog in the influence machine.

Check the Facts!

House Hippo: Break the Fake!!

HOW TO Check for Fake

Fast guidance on HOW TO verify online information

Session 4: Artificial Intelligence / Future of Internet

Artifical Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? How does it work? Can I trust it? People from all over the world share their views.

What is artificial intelligence (or machine learning)?

Everyday a large portion of the population is at the mercy of a rising technology, yet few actually understand what it is, Artificial intelligence.

What is AI?

Technology with Artificial Intelligence at its heart has the power to change the world. But what exactly is AI?

How Machines Learn

Artificial Intelligence: the good, the concerning and the questionable. What citizens should know.

You and AI

What is AI: the good, the concerning and the questionable. What citizens should know and engage!

The Future of Internet

Are global citizens confident in the future of the Internet? People from all over the world share their views.